Blog Redesign

March 31, 2014 — 5 Comments

Blog Redesign

A year ago I created a blog and thought that I’d give blogging a try. As you can see, it was short-lived. -_-

However, this year I decided that I’d give it another shot. There isn’t a specific topic that I’d like to blog about. I think I’ll just write about whatever I want whenever I want.

Since I’m giving it another shot, I thought it would only be right to give my blog a redesign. So…

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Came across this video yesterday. It has depth.

We all have issues. We all have a reality we wish we could escape – even if it’s just temporarily.

The video reminds o my breakdancing days (yes, I was a breakdancer).

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Workaholic vs Hard worker

Are you often associated with being a workaholic? Do you know the difference between a workaholic and a hard worker?

When a person is described to be a workaholic, they are often praised for it. So many employers are seeking such people to work for them.

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Increase productivity

Do you feel like you’re always busy but have little to show for it? Don’t you wish there was a way to increase productivity in your life?

You eat fast-food everyday, you have no time to exercise, and you never spend as much time as you want with loved ones because you ALWAYS are busy.

If you’re someone like me who runs a business, you are most likely a jack of all trades. This means that its critical you invest time to increase productivity…

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Epic Business

April 17, 2013

I came across this video of Alexander Polli and immediately thought about how it compares to running a business.

Sometimes, it’s just that epic.

Let that simmer for a while.

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I always toyed with the idea of creating a blog but always hesitated. I would ask myself… why create a blog?

After some years of doing analysis and development work for all types of businesses, I began to notice that everyone had a blog. Even people who didn’t write at all had a blog! They later named those kinds of blogs “vlogs” (video blogs).

I ran across a TON of information on the internet on why one should create a blog. Some of the reasons were good, other reasons were not so good.

So as my first blog post, I’ll be sharing the top 3 reasons that sold me on starting my blog.

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